As of October 18, 2022, subscribers to the Kanopy.com streaming platform can now watch “Searching for Sequoyah” here. If your university, college, school, or educational institution is not a Kanopy subscriber, educational institutions can now purchase an in perpetuity streaming license for “Searching for Sequoyah”. The license is only available through Turtle Island Productions, LLC, which owns the copyright of the program. The license will provide the institution with the ability to host and stream their own digital file of the program from their own servers or with any third party streaming platform that is encrypted and password protected with no ability for users (faculty, staff, students) to download the program. The term of the license is in perpetuity. The cost is $1000, with a sliding scale for non-profit educational organizations, and tribal colleges and schools, that are operated by Tribal Nations legally recognized by the U.S. Federal government , or a state government. For more information and a sample licensing agreement, please contact James Fortier, owner of Turtle Island Productions, using the contact tab of this website.

Personal, home video DVD sales will begin roughly at the end of October, 2023.


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